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The app is exhibiting behavior reminiscent of a memory leak. If you stay on the chat section (group private chat) for too long the app dies. It will die faster if you are interacting in a chat. Also, the creator of private group chat (called club) is the “owner” so if the coach didn’t create that group, then they cannot add members. There should be a way to assign admin privileges to private group chats so that one person is not solely responsible for the administration.


Finally someone has created a manual to help guide players to be great people on and off the field. Great work guys!


I'm a pitcher in the Padres organization and being able to read Trevor Hoffman's personal stories was really unique. There is nothing out there like this app & book! A must get!

Great App!

If you haven’t downloaded this app you are missing out on the best information available. The way the app functions is awesome!

Complete Athlete

The Complete Athlete will revolutionize the way we think, communicate, develop, compete and execute with all aspects of an athletes performance for the future. This new interactive network provides an educational and visual teaching tool for the Player, Coach and Parent to give the knowledge and purpose to achieve the ultimate journey for all involved. After reading the ebook and using the Apps platform, added with a structure that is so clear and efficient for every family, you will find it to be an essential part of your family and team culture. This new innovative program will completely change the landscape for all sports! I’m so amazed by the simplicity and cost of this program. It is absolutely priceless to compete with the Complete Athlete!

Complete Athlete Books

Incredible amount of valuable information! A must buy for athletes and their parents!


I just got the app and it's super resourceful. I just started getting back into working out and reconnecting to my athlete roots and this app takes it a step further!

Awesome app

I just got this and I already love it! Must have for serious soccer players. Highly recommend!

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